Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Invitations, Post II of ?

Post 1 - The Original Brainstorm

I don't know when I will ever have a concrete idea of how I want our invitations to look. Maybe the day we mail them out? But maybe even then I will want to change them.

Recently, I was contacted through the WeddingBee boards regarding an offer for free invitation design! I'm still a little unclear as to what that pertains to (the entire suite? graphics?) and am waiting for a response. But here is what I sent out, in response to questions relating to what I am looking for in my invitations.

Wedding Colors: Our main color is orange, with pops of purple. We also want to bring in fall colors, including maroons, browns, greens and maybe a little grey. (I talked about this in depth here.)

Source 1234

Wedding Theme (basically if you have any themes or thoughts on what you'd want on the invitation): I want our invitations to be a good mix of what our wedding will (hopefully) convey. Although we will be getting married in this beautiful barn, overlooking this beautiful countryside, and we can respect and appreciate the area as well as the advantage of being near the farm, we also have lived in Brooklyn for 3+ years. So we are certainly not 100% ritzy city-folk, but that is a big part of who we are as well.

I'm hoping that our invitations are beautiful (duh) with a bit of class and sparkle, but still perfectly simple. I'm hoping to have the actual invitation mostly filled with text with maybe one sort of graphic or embellishment. Something with scrolls or the like. Although I love invitations with birds or trees, I don't think that fits our wedding theme as well. I'm more simple I think.

Here are some ideas of things I liked:

I love the organization of this one, with the band and the pockets, but not a fan of the graphics on the actual invitation!

This is another good example of how I want our suite to be displayed.

I loved this woman's band with the square she created to act as a seal. I would love some sort of monogram or graphic that stays consistent in our paper goods.

I also shared all of the inspiration I have posted about before.

So we will see where that takes us. Hopefully I will get an awesome graphic design, with some fancy graphic embellishment that I can run with.  Together with my FMIL, we will cut and assemble as necessary. Or maybe I'm getting scammed? Who knows? At least it's not too close to my wedding date!

Have you ever relied on someone who contacted you for a free service? Don't forget, we got our engagement pictures done that way! 

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