Friday, November 12, 2010

E-Pics, Part I

I realized I have never shared my engagement photos with you! We did something a little differently - we did NOT use our wedding photographer. In fact, we had these photos done before we had even booked a wedding photographer at all! I actually found DC through the WeddingBee classified ads. He was a new photographer, and was looking to gain some experience with couples by offering free engagement sessions! I love engagement sessions! I live in the NYC area! This was my immediate reaction:

Unfortunately for DC, my next reaction was this:

When the heck were we going to schedule these?! I was studying for the bar, Mr. C was studying for the boards, starting his rotations, and for some reason, our free time never seemed to overlap. Luckily for us, DC was really accommodating and willing to extend his offer for us...over and over again.

Finally, after all the back and forth, we settled on the day after Mr. C's birthday. May not have been a great idea (I can tell we are a little bit tired, and a little bit hungover) but overall, they are amazing! How about a little less talk and a little more showing pictures?

We focused on Brooklyn. It's a part of who we are and a part of our relationship, so the Brooklyn Bridge and the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights was where we started:

A little coffee to get us started...and we needed it! Happy Day after your 25th Birthday Mr. C!

We both desperately wish we looked better in this photo. DC did a fantastic job of capturing the backdrop...Maybe we shouldn't have had those mixed drinks and nachos at 2 am the morning before...

This is a serious save the date contender!

And this is one of Mr. C's favorites!

I know we don't look our best here - but you have to love a picture that shows your genuine happiness to be together.

And a little narcissism on my part - but hey! DC made me look great!

Next up, we take a jaunt to Brooklyn Bridge Park and do a little tribute to where we met!

All photos by ColeEffect, unless otherwise noted.

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