Monday, November 22, 2010

Color Inspiration

Part of the reason I was so excited to have a New England Wedding in the fall was this:

Source./Photo Courtesy of Gibbet Hill

Oh! It's so pretty! The leaves, the colors, the crisp air (ok, you don't get that from the picture, but trust me, that air is CRISP).

I immediately wanted a fall wedding, and I immediately was set on having fall colors for our wedding. Maroons and browns and orange and reds. It basically would be like camouflage and we would blend right in with our beautiful fall surroundings.

But then I started looking some more...and I'm not the only gal looking to translate crisp air and fall colors into my wedding. In fact, it seemed that just about every other fall wedding was trying to do that as well. And no matter how awe-inspiring those photos were, and how intricate the details of their wedding still all looked the same. Because the colors were the same.

So I shrugged, and set my sights out for new inspiration. That is when I stumbled on this:

Now let me give you a little background: (1) I painted my entire bedroom in two shades of purple in high school and (2) I went to Syracuse University, and therefore, Mr. C and I are obsessed with orange.

Ta-dah! The beginnings of our new wedding colors! 

We're just going to reverse things a bit. Mostly orange, pops of purple, and then I'm also going to throw in those traditional maroons and brown to really create my fall (and purple!) wedding colors.

The crazy thing is, I don't think adding the purple in is that wacky. I remember showing this to my Mom and she said, "Well you know, any really well landscaped lawn in New England also has purple mums." So I kept my eye out, and now that I was paying attention, it was true! There were purple mums! Dark purple and light purple mixed right in there with the maroons and browns and oranges. From that moment on I was sold.

I would get my orange:

And our wedding will (hopefully) come out something like this:

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Did you find color inspiration in a weird place? My inspiration photo was found on an interior design blog!


  1. So I just found your blog on the weddingbee boards. Are you getting married at Gibbet? I'm getting married there in Sept.

  2. I am!! Isn't it such a beautiful venue? Are you currently blogging about your planning there?

    I'd love to share any advice or tips we have about planning, although I haven't had much interaction with them beyond signing the contract, so far!

  3. I absolutely adore Gibbet Hill. As soon as a saw it I couldn't have my wedding anyplace else. Not that it was in my budget, but I wasn't budging on my venue!

    I am not a blogger :( I read a ton of blogs, but I don't think I'm interesting enough to write my own!

    As for contact with Gibbet Hill, my experience is pretty slight too. They just want the money for right now, I think I get to to meet with up them in May!! definitely email me and we can be a sounding board and hopefully be a help to each other.