Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winter in New York City

So, I know it's not even mid-October, but I just read about this contest over on Snippet & Ink, and I had to enter it! The Busy Bee household LOVES winter in New York City. The tree, the shopping, the people...it's the about the only time I don't want to punch a tourist. I don't think there is any place that is quite as cheery or quite as lit up as New York at Christmas. So here's the entry I sent in. I'll let you know if I hear anything!

Winter in New York City is unlike anywhere else. My fiancee and I will be here for our fourth winter, and every year, it gets better.

Our first winter, we wandered down by Rockefeller Center and enjoyed the tree, the people, and the happiness you could feel coming from that babbling mass of people. We tried ice skating, but we were poor, recent graduates, and decided we should try in Bryant Park, which we heard was free. That didn't work out either, but we were happy enough to wander through the Christmas market, cold on our noses, but warm hands as we held on to each other.

Every winter since, we've done something wonderful and Christmas themed as soon as we got the chance. The Rockettes? Saw them. Ice skating? Did it. Cider and Christmas markets? Check, check.

We love winter in New York City. And you can tell everyone else does too. No matter how messy it gets outside, no matter how many "snow piles" end up being puddles that soak my feet, December in New York makes me smile through any inconvenience. The holidays are on their way, and everyone knows it. So no matter how cold, wet, rushed, or busy we are, we smile, and we enjoy it.

I would love to win this contest because, for once, it would be amazing to have our annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree picture taken by someone else. Maybe both of our heads will make it in the frame, and even some of the tree!

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