Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a knee injury. It really cuts into my fitness goals and it can be SO incredibly frustrating. I'll give you the backstory on that soon.

So on Columbus Day, it was a beautiful day here in Brooklyn, and I knew I should not be inside doing my typical unemployment pouting. Instead, I wanted to be outside, enjoying the weather, getting some exercise, and appreciating this beautiful city I live in! So I headed for the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

I get chills every time I see the Bridge from afar (usually it's when driving over the Manhattan Bridge in a cab on a late night out or when driving back into the city after being away for the weekend). It reminds me of how beautiful and diverse this city is, and how lucky I am to have an opportunity to live here.

So I gchatted a friend (Bridemaid S, actually!) and we met on the Brooklyn Heights side and set off toward Manhattan.

It was a great excuse to be outdoors, catch up with a friend, and get some exercise. Although we ended in Manhattan and each had a glass of wine and shared a sandwich, I did decide to turn around and walk back to Brooklyn. So I got my fair share of fitness in today. And did it without even really noticing!

Not only that, but walking back alone, I really was able to take in the sights and sounds as I walked across the bridge. Mostly, this included seeing just how many different types of people must cross this bridge everyday! And I heard so many different languages. It's fun to see people marveling over the place you live. It makes me smile. I'm a lucky girl, and sometimes, I'm not so good at remembering that!

Do you have a place that reminds you of how lucky you are?

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