Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top 10 Things I Hate About Halloween

  1. The Need To Make Everything Sexy
  2. Feeling Uncomfortable with Myself
  3. Not Feeling Sexy Enough
  4. Trying to be Clever with my Costume
  5. Spending Money on Something I'll NEVER WEAR AGAIN
  6. The Pressure to Have a Blast
  7. The Pressure to Drink and Drink and Drink
  8. Did I mention turning ridiculous things 'sexy'?
  9. Having to Pay for EVERY Bar in NYC
  10. Feeling Self-Conscious ALL NIGHT
These are my pet peeves about Halloween. It kills me. Every year. I think the worst was my freshman year of college (the first time I REALLY saw the sexy-anything), and it hasn't gotten much better yet. I can't wait to have kids so Halloween will be about trick-or-treating again.

This year, friends and I are going as Gilligan's Island characters. They are hilarious, and want to make us zombies (we did it last year with the Peanuts gang as well). Which is fine, but I still manage to feel pathetic and self-conscious. Even in my own clothes.

What is your most creative Halloween costume? Do you dress up as sexy-______? What are you being this year?


  1. Honey! My first impulse is to say DON'T GO! If you're feeling so self conscious, I would skip it. But if you're committed and with a gang, then embrace the Salvation Army for costume ideas, and realize that you'll be sexier that you can imagine when you're dancing, and cracking up with your gorgeous smile, and lounging around with your fine fiancee. Halloween is not worth feeling like broke shit. Next year I am kidnapping you and we will hand out candy in pajamas and listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack, much like high school.

    This year? I bought a 9 dollar knitted beard from I am the bearded lady.

  2. Harry Potter and candy sounds like my IDEAL Halloween. I loved your beard. You are the sexiest beardiest lady I have ever seen!

  3. It's all about the trick-or-treating. I went through my senior year of high school and am going to have to steal someone's kid so that my Halloweens stop sucking.

    Sexy costumes are dumb. I refuse to give in. I went as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica this year, and even though only 3 people got it, those 3 people thought it was awesome despite the utter lack of sexiness. I take what I can get.