Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Bum Knee

So it happened back in June. The fiancee was out of town, I was going crazy alone at home studying for the bar, so I packed my bags and headed to Mom and Dad's for a bit. This way, there was free meals, free laundry, and someone to entertain me when the crazies struck.

The other great thing: my mom is a gym-going-wild-woman. She loves her weekly classes, she loves the muscle conditioning, the ab workouts and her Zumba. This makes her a really good companion who keeps me consistent with my workouts while I'm home.

This fateful day, I was at the start of my half-marathon training. Yes, that is right. I had set my mind on running a half-marathon in October. According to some websites I found, as a novice runner (I literally had taken up running a few months before this, and it wasn't so long ago that I couldn't run a solid mile) it would only take me 12 weeks to be prepped for the half. Sure, I wouldn't be the fastest gal in the race, but I would finish it. And that was all I was shooting for.

At this point, my running had been all throughout my Brooklyn neighborhood, and although running outside had its downsides, I was really comfortable doing it. But now being in the 'burbs, the lack of sidewalks didn't seem as conducive to my outdoor training. So I hit the gym with my mama.

I was shooting for a 5-mile run that day. My longest at this point in the training (yeah, yeah, I wasn't that far into the training after all). So I'm running along on the treadmill. I'm trying to get a feel for it, trying to keep up with the pace I had set, and shooting to be done with the 5-mile run and a 1-mile walk by the time my mom was out of her class.

But then...something didn't feel right. My knee was...twitchy. It felt a little sore, it felt a little wrong. But I didn't twist or fall or bend funny. So I ignored it, laughed it off as paranoia (as both my mother and Brother M were in the process of recovering from their recent knee surgeries) and kept running.

I didn't hit my five mile mark that day. And two days later when I tried again, I barely made it to three. Two days after that? After 1/2 a mile I had to stop, the pain was so bad.

So other things got in the way (namely: the bar!), I just stopped the running for awhile, and hoped the pain would subside. But it didn't. It got worse! Even without running! My bike made it ache, the elliptical made it ache, and forget the spinning class I attempted to take...oy!

I saw a doctor a few weeks ago, and THANKFULLY the diagnosis was not one that required surgery. But I do have tendinitis in my knee. This means no running (for twelve weeks! ugh!), physical therapy (as soon as my bone-headed health insurance company stops being so bone-headed), anti-inflammatorys (fancy term for taking Advil three times a day), and a sad, lacking in cardio, Busy Bee.

So what am I doing now? Well, I'm consistently forgetting to take the Advil, and I'm fighting with my insurance company to pay for physical therapy. I've been using an at-home 20-minute fitness video, and I've been walking. I'm trying to shoot for what I can do without re-injuring or stressing my knee, but I'm also focused on my goal to lose weight, and that requires exercise! Sure, a mid-20-something gal should probably be able to do more than a 20 minute video and walking and call it exercise, but hey, sometimes life gets in the way, it throws you a curve ball or two, and you have to adapt! Most important, do NOT give up. So I won't use this bum knee as an excuse to sit on my couch and mope (at least not everyday), but I will use it as a great chance to get creative and see what else I can do for that extra cardio boost!

Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from reaching your goal?

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