Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister J's Bachelorette Party! Part 2

Personal Photo.

On to the food!!

Mmmm, even this picture is making me hungry!

I asked each of the guests to bring an appetizer including a copy of the recipe to share with Sister J. So we had a huge variety! Dill dip in a bread bowl, apple walnut puff pastries, spinach squares, buffalo chicken dip, hoagie dip, deviled eggs...pretty much every kind of appetizer you could think of. It was such a great way to throw a party on a budget, as well as having a great variety of food!

I took care of dessert. So I'm a little obsessed with cupcakes. For a thank you gift, one of my good friends gave me this:

(OMG so yummiezzz. Source.)

So I made my personal favorite recipe: the Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. They are TO DIE FOR. That's not just from me. I've been told this by many, many people. People have even been friendly to me just to get this recipe, so I'm a little nervous to tell you that you can just google it and find it online. So you don't really have to pretend to be my friend just for the secret.

I also wanted to include some of Sister J's favorites. She's actually not much of a dessert person, but has always been a huge fan of my grandmother's apple pie. So I found this recipe for MINI apple pies (I die!). They were so easy to make and delicious! I had debated doubling the recipe (because there were going to be about 14 people at the party) but in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't because we had so much food at the party.

All in all, I think the party was a success. I successfully completed a booze-free bachelorette with delicious food and adorable (IMHO) decorations. MOH duty, check!

What is a great party that you've thrown? Have you ever attended a booze-free bachelorette?

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