Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sister J's Bachelorette Party! Part 1

Ok - so I finally took the time to upload my pictures from my camera. Took me long enough, eh? For some reason, there was always something else Icould distract myself from, rather than doing that. What can I say? I'm an expert procrastinator.

So let me give you the low-down about Sister J. She's my younger sister by 2 years. She found out this summer that she's expecting her first baby! (Baby Girl J!) So she and her (then) boyfriend decided to get married and it's happening soon - Saturday, actually. As her MOH, I tried to find a good way to throw her a shower/bachelorette that could happen 1) quickly 2) cheaply (I'm dirt po') and 3) without booze. Thus, the booze-free bachelorette-lingere shower was born.

My first thought? Decor. I couldn't wait to decorate! Second thought? Food!

I asked all the guests to bring an appetizer, and I provided dessert. So let's talk about decor first.

Bunting flags. How adorable are they?

How can you not fall in love with them? I know traditionally, they are done with fabric. But I don't have fabric. Or a sewing machine. Or any real sewing talent (for example, I just was trying to sew a button back onto a shirt. I gave up in about 2 minutes. Ugh, who wants to give me sewing lessons?) So I used paper! It was a great money saver, as I have packets and packets and packets of scrapbooking paper around, and I could pick a color scheme, and use all sorts or different patterned paper. And all I needed to purchase was a roll of twin (99 cents at Jack's 99 Cent store) and some cheap glue ($1 at the Family Dollar around the corner from me). So $2 project? Check.

Here's how it all looked in my parent's sunroom.

(Excuse the pecker ring toss and the cranky looking bride-to-be!)

So that was the first step of decor. We added the balloons last minute to really bring out the pink. With only the flags, it was sort of lost against the coloring of the room (such a deep orange! pretty, but the pink got lost). It didn't take a lot of time, and only cost $2! I thought it was a really fun way to dress up the room a bit.

Next up...food! Here's a little teaser shot:

Oh yes, those are Oreos in cupcake pans. Get excited.

All personal photos unless otherwise noted.

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