Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look Ma, I'm a Yogi!

For the first time last night, I tried Hot Yoga. Let me tell you, it was HOT.

I've done yoga a few times before. Once or twice in high school gym class, and then maybe once or twice more at different gyms I've had memberships to. However, prior to this, I never found it to be a satisfying workout. Maybe it was still some dancer flexibility in me or maybe I couldn't get past the soul-searching, calming chanting that so many of the classes seemed to be about. So then I thought that it might be different...HOT?

Let me tell you. It was hot. And hard. But mostly, HOT. These are the poses I was NOT doing:


In fact, I found that, pathetically enough, I could barely balance on one leg long enough. My barre days are apparently over, and my ballet teacher would have hung her head in shame.

But it was a good step forward! I went, I got sweaty, I stretched, I "ommmmmed."

A girl's gotta start somewhere, right?

Have you ever tried a new fitness class at a gym? How did it go for you? Were you the one falling over in the back like I was?

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