Monday, September 20, 2010

Counting on the Weekends

I know I promised a DIY decor post next - but unfortunately I'm not home with my pictures, so it will have to wait until tomorrow (I know, there are so many people waiting with bated breath ;)).

This weekend was my first serious weekend back on Weight Watchers. My weekly meetings are on Thursday nights, and this week I went for my weigh in for the first time since August 5th. It was not pretty. August 5th had actually been my first time back in a number of weeks, but that absence was excused by bar studying. And even with that stress I had gained a measly 1/2 a pound!

This week, I was not so lucky. There was a major gain (leading to the mini-meltdown I talked about before). I have a number of excuses floating around in my head (I wore jeans, not a dress or stretch pants, I have been depressed, I have been eating...a lot) but whatever made it happen made it happen, and I can't change that.

What I can change are my habits. So I'm back to the tracking habit. I actually haven't been awesome about tracking POINTS, but I am tracking food. Even the bits of pita and hummus I ate at a housewarming party, and even the peanut butter cups I ate after falling asleep on my friend's couch during a game of Trivial Pursuit. And its those little bites here and there, those snacks that you think don't count that make a big difference.

So habit change #1: Resuming tracking.

It's not the biggest step. But it's the first one as I restart my Weight Watchers journey. And one habit change can (and usually does) lead to another and another and another. And that equals success!

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