Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sister J's Bachelorette Party! Part 2

Personal Photo.

On to the food!!

Mmmm, even this picture is making me hungry!

I asked each of the guests to bring an appetizer including a copy of the recipe to share with Sister J. So we had a huge variety! Dill dip in a bread bowl, apple walnut puff pastries, spinach squares, buffalo chicken dip, hoagie dip, deviled eggs...pretty much every kind of appetizer you could think of. It was such a great way to throw a party on a budget, as well as having a great variety of food!

I took care of dessert. So I'm a little obsessed with cupcakes. For a thank you gift, one of my good friends gave me this:

(OMG so yummiezzz. Source.)

So I made my personal favorite recipe: the Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. They are TO DIE FOR. That's not just from me. I've been told this by many, many people. People have even been friendly to me just to get this recipe, so I'm a little nervous to tell you that you can just google it and find it online. So you don't really have to pretend to be my friend just for the secret.

I also wanted to include some of Sister J's favorites. She's actually not much of a dessert person, but has always been a huge fan of my grandmother's apple pie. So I found this recipe for MINI apple pies (I die!). They were so easy to make and delicious! I had debated doubling the recipe (because there were going to be about 14 people at the party) but in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't because we had so much food at the party.

All in all, I think the party was a success. I successfully completed a booze-free bachelorette with delicious food and adorable (IMHO) decorations. MOH duty, check!

What is a great party that you've thrown? Have you ever attended a booze-free bachelorette?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sister J's Bachelorette Party! Part 1

Ok - so I finally took the time to upload my pictures from my camera. Took me long enough, eh? For some reason, there was always something else Icould distract myself from, rather than doing that. What can I say? I'm an expert procrastinator.

So let me give you the low-down about Sister J. She's my younger sister by 2 years. She found out this summer that she's expecting her first baby! (Baby Girl J!) So she and her (then) boyfriend decided to get married and it's happening soon - Saturday, actually. As her MOH, I tried to find a good way to throw her a shower/bachelorette that could happen 1) quickly 2) cheaply (I'm dirt po') and 3) without booze. Thus, the booze-free bachelorette-lingere shower was born.

My first thought? Decor. I couldn't wait to decorate! Second thought? Food!

I asked all the guests to bring an appetizer, and I provided dessert. So let's talk about decor first.

Bunting flags. How adorable are they?

How can you not fall in love with them? I know traditionally, they are done with fabric. But I don't have fabric. Or a sewing machine. Or any real sewing talent (for example, I just was trying to sew a button back onto a shirt. I gave up in about 2 minutes. Ugh, who wants to give me sewing lessons?) So I used paper! It was a great money saver, as I have packets and packets and packets of scrapbooking paper around, and I could pick a color scheme, and use all sorts or different patterned paper. And all I needed to purchase was a roll of twin (99 cents at Jack's 99 Cent store) and some cheap glue ($1 at the Family Dollar around the corner from me). So $2 project? Check.

Here's how it all looked in my parent's sunroom.

(Excuse the pecker ring toss and the cranky looking bride-to-be!)

So that was the first step of decor. We added the balloons last minute to really bring out the pink. With only the flags, it was sort of lost against the coloring of the room (such a deep orange! pretty, but the pink got lost). It didn't take a lot of time, and only cost $2! I thought it was a really fun way to dress up the room a bit.

Next! Here's a little teaser shot:

Oh yes, those are Oreos in cupcake pans. Get excited.

All personal photos unless otherwise noted.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creating tabs!

I learned how to do it tonight! Ok - so this isn't the most exciting thing ever, but I could not for the life of me figure it out.

I was home this weekend. Bachelorette surprise party a success! I can't wait to share my projects with you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Counting on the Weekends

I know I promised a DIY decor post next - but unfortunately I'm not home with my pictures, so it will have to wait until tomorrow (I know, there are so many people waiting with bated breath ;)).

This weekend was my first serious weekend back on Weight Watchers. My weekly meetings are on Thursday nights, and this week I went for my weigh in for the first time since August 5th. It was not pretty. August 5th had actually been my first time back in a number of weeks, but that absence was excused by bar studying. And even with that stress I had gained a measly 1/2 a pound!

This week, I was not so lucky. There was a major gain (leading to the mini-meltdown I talked about before). I have a number of excuses floating around in my head (I wore jeans, not a dress or stretch pants, I have been depressed, I have been eating...a lot) but whatever made it happen made it happen, and I can't change that.

What I can change are my habits. So I'm back to the tracking habit. I actually haven't been awesome about tracking POINTS, but I am tracking food. Even the bits of pita and hummus I ate at a housewarming party, and even the peanut butter cups I ate after falling asleep on my friend's couch during a game of Trivial Pursuit. And its those little bites here and there, those snacks that you think don't count that make a big difference.

So habit change #1: Resuming tracking.

It's not the biggest step. But it's the first one as I restart my Weight Watchers journey. And one habit change can (and usually does) lead to another and another and another. And that equals success!

Friday, September 17, 2010

...In which I have a mini-mental breakdown.

Mental breakdowns. How do you define them?

Mine usually include crying, crying, crying, some heavy breathing, and more crying. But I'm also generally a crier. So how do I distinguish a cry-fest from a mental breakdown?

Well, it generally is followed by exhaustion, heavy eyes the following morning, and an overwhelming urge to apologize to everyone who helped me through that mini breakdown. (Helped and/or suffered at the hands of...)

Mine was set off by wedding stuff, but totally propelled by life stuff. It usually takes one of those small things to set it off, and then the rest, as they say, is history. Needless to say, I spent my night crying, and didn't have the chance to show you the adorable craft project I've been working on for my sister's bachelorette/shower extravaganza! But it's pink! And cute! And was NOT destroyed by the WILD 30 minute storm in Brooklyn (unlike some other things I had lying around).

What sets you off to a cry-fest or some sort of mental breakdown?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Look Ma, I'm a Yogi!

For the first time last night, I tried Hot Yoga. Let me tell you, it was HOT.

I've done yoga a few times before. Once or twice in high school gym class, and then maybe once or twice more at different gyms I've had memberships to. However, prior to this, I never found it to be a satisfying workout. Maybe it was still some dancer flexibility in me or maybe I couldn't get past the soul-searching, calming chanting that so many of the classes seemed to be about. So then I thought that it might be different...HOT?

Let me tell you. It was hot. And hard. But mostly, HOT. These are the poses I was NOT doing:


In fact, I found that, pathetically enough, I could barely balance on one leg long enough. My barre days are apparently over, and my ballet teacher would have hung her head in shame.

But it was a good step forward! I went, I got sweaty, I stretched, I "ommmmmed."

A girl's gotta start somewhere, right?

Have you ever tried a new fitness class at a gym? How did it go for you? Were you the one falling over in the back like I was?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Blogging

I started up this blog awhile ago. And lay empty. I wrote a few blog posts, but they are saved to my computer hard drive, not for the world to see.

Recently, I was inspired to start again. Inspired by some friends who blog, inspired by websites I frequent and how blogging has helped them in their respective journeys, and inspired by the prospect that someone might find my blog, fall in love with me, and offer me a JOB. I'm not sure what inspiration proves to be the strongest, but they have all certainly played a part.

But here I am - 25 years old, engaged, overweight, and unemployed. It's probably one of the worst combinations there are. Each of these things requires a certain amount of focus, energy, and drive. But the overwhelming stress of what they each takes often leads me to be lazy, unfocused, and unmotivated. Mostly, though, depressed. What a vicious circle.

This is what I feel like. Except it would say "Jenny Busy Bee FAIL." (Source.)

So here I am, starting anew. That means everything. Today, I will get back on track with my Weight Watchers, track all my food, and exercise. Today, I will focus on the networking event I'm attending (blegh) and continue to apply for jobs EVERY DAY. Today, I will stop just drooling over wedding websites and start narrowing things down.

Today, I start fresh. Sure, it is a Tuesday, but we all have to start somewhere!